Dull To Dapper With Genuine Leather Bracelets

Men’s fashion used to truly lack individuality. There was once a time where colors rarely existed within men’s collections, and accessories for men were even more unheard of. This left a lot of men with a rather dull-looking wardrobe. But times have luckily changed, and achieving a dapper look has never been easier. With the vast selection of men’s accessories available on Angelor, you can instantly take your look from dull to dapper. Here are the “genuine” leather bracelets you never knew existed.


With “genuine” and “python leather” being in the same sentence, you just can’t go wrong. Snakeskin is a fashion trend that used to only be for the rich and famous, or for the ladies. Now, anyone who is looking to take their sense of style to the next level of dapper can enjoy men’s accessories. Show off their wild side, without being too far out there in the jungle. Genuine python leather bracelets can be the perfect message of being untamed, yet sophisticated. These men’s bracelets also come in a wide range of colors as well, so you can find exactly what makes your individuality hiss.


Again, with the genuine and leather! It’s about time men’s fashion seen quality, authenticity and affordable all at once. Alligator leather bracelets are a little less eccentric than the python leather bracelets. They offer more of a robust style that can be the perfect addition to your office wardrobe. You’ll be walking into the next board meeting with some seriously powerful appeal. These men’s bracelets can also be paired with dapper apparel, or with a casual outfit for the bar.


One sure-fire way to add some zing into your wardrobe is genuine stingray bracelets for men. The appearance and style that comes from this style of men’s accessories is something the industry just hasn’t ever seen before – or at the very least, not at such affordability and availability. Not only that, but how epic would it feel to tell the ladies you’re wearing genuine stingray leather. That has sex appeal written all over it.


Genuine lambskin leather looks similar to “regular” leather, but it has an added dose of masculinity. The way the lambskin is intertwined on these men’s bracelets brings all the individuality you want from your wardrobe. The appearance is very subtle, yet stylish and can be the perfect addition to a dull wardrobe. It adds a bit of dapper, without being too much. So, if you’re only starting to indulge in this new fashionable world for men, this is the perfect men’s accessory for you.

Genuine python, genuine alligator, genuine stingray, genuine lambskin, oh my! Unless you’re against wearing genuine leather bracelets, there’s no denying the powerful and dapper appeal this selection of men’s bracelets offer. These styles are so rarely seen within affordable men’s fashion. So throw some on and set yourself apart from all the other Joe Blows in the city.

Source: http://angelordesigns.blogspot.in/2017/09/dull-to-dapper-with-genuine-leather.html


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